Embedded Trimble GNSS-Inertial system AP40:
Accuracy – no GNSS outages (post processed):
X, Y Position (m): 0.020
Z Position (m): 0.050
Velocity (m/s): 0.005
Roll and Pitch (deg): 0.020
Heading (deg): 0.020

Accuracy – 60 seconds GNSS outage (post processed):
X, Y Position (m): 0.120
Z Position (m): 0.100
Roll and pitch (deg): 0.020
Heading (deg): 0.020

Camera System:
1x Spherical camera: 30MP (6x5MP), 90% coverage, focal length 4.4mm
2x Side looking adjustable camera: 5MP, H: 53,1°, V: 45,3°, focal length 8.5mm
1x Backward /Downward looking camera: 5MP, H: 53,1°, V: 45,3°,focal length 8.5mm

Dual Laser Scanner, adjustable in 3 horizontal and 3 vertical positions:
effective measurement rate: 600kHz – 2 MHz
scan speed: 500 scans/sec
range 1.2m – 420m
accuracy 5mm
precision 3mm

Operating temperature: 0 °C to +40 °C
Maximum vehicle speed for data acquisition: 110 km/h

Power supply: 12 V-DC (12 V–16 V)
Max Power consumption: 350W, typical power consumption: 280W
Sensor unit dimensions and weight: 0.62 m x 0.55 m x 0.62 m, 37kg
Roof rack dimensions and weight: 1.03 m x 0.48 m x 0.28 m, 18kg

Bundle includes:
2x scaner
1 spherical camera, 2 side cameras, 1 backward camera
roof rack
2x2TB storage
TMI software (customer byod laptop or tablet is needed to run software)
Power supply
transport case



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